Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Commentary: I can imagine a cool breeze wafting through from a nearby beach. The tinkling drops of water from the fountain lends to a peaceful atmosphere to a reader. On day with the right amount of sun, I could also picture myself  placing a picnic blanket with lots of throw pillows and read beside the fountain. :D One arm draped over and letting the cool water swish through my fingers. I would plant more blooms though to bring color and trimmed the shrubs so just not give an out-of-control garden left on its own. 
Details: Outdoor Room Design Ideas
Photo Credit by Luca Trovato
Original Description: Chaise Recliner in a rustic setting: A Brown Jordan chaise stretches out near a limestone fountain. Joe Nye designed this space overlooking the rustic steps which climb the lushly planted hillside on the Pacific.
Location: Unknown.
Source:  housebeautiful


  1. i could sit there and read all day :)

  2. Ooo so suave, the beach lounger and the fountains! All I need is an ice-tea. It looks fab and holiday like!
    Thanks for stopping by my nook! :D

  3. @Kiwi Ivashkov Your welcome! Now, that you mentioned it, it does feel like in a holiday. :D


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