Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Review] Smallville : Guardian Chapter 1

Smallville Season 11: Guardian
Chapter 1
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Art: Pere Perez
Colors: Randy Mayor
Lettering: Saida Temofonte
Cover Art: Cat Staggs
Assistant Editor: Sarah Litt
Editor: Kwanza Johnson
Page count: 22
Digital Release Date: 04/13/2012
Age Rating 12+ Only

Description: What happens after Clark puts on the costume? Can he keep his Super-secret quiet?

My thoughts

It was delightful news learning that Bryan Q. Miller took up the task and wrote the‘Guardian’ story as the first salvo in continuing Clark's adventure now fully suited with the familiar ‘S’ across his chest, caped and booted, and doing flybys over Metropolis. Together with the regulars: Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Lois and Chloe, this was a promising start of the comic series. 

Instantly just by looking the cover, one can feel the tight connection of the show transferring to the digital comic book. The use of one-word episode title was carried over like in the show. The cover art was just fantastic. All thanks to Cat Staggs for a dynamic interpretation. The Smallville letters scattered about as Clark mid-smashed through it lent an energetic entrance, which promises the reader that a lot of surprises will be rolling out for the series that we will just have to wait.

The first chapter began six months after Superman saved Earth from Apokolips. This was where the show left and it was a great launch pad for the comic series with Superman saving the Russian space station from imminent danger brought by the meteor storm.

For those who may not have been following the show over the years, there was a ‘no flight, no tights’ rule during the show’s run. It was left to tease the TV viewers by clever use of wardrobe, props, the familiar color combination (red, blue, and yellow) and glimpses to the future (S3 EP12: Hereafter)that kept referencing Clark’s eventual step to donning the cape was enough to whet the audience excitement. It was also in everyone’s minds whether or not the TPTB of the show finally gave in and disregarded the rule to just let Clark fly but alas, it didn't happen.

Now, in the comics, we were given a tap on the shoulder that finally, Clark has accepted his destiny and felt worthy enough to be the beacon of hope for everyone. This story also brought forth new beginnings not only for Lois and Clark who in the meantime, postponed their wedding but a new chapter for Oliver, now married to Chloe Sullivan as they prepare their transfer to Star City, which is Oliver’s home city.

I guess it will never be far from anyone’s mind how the TV characters were going to be rendered in comics and looking back, I also have my own misgivings to buy a copy because I was afraid it would distract me from appreciating the comics. Yet to me, I thought the depictions were as close to the actors’ faces.

I would like to tip my hat off to a job well done through art of Pere Perez, colorist Randy Mayor, letterer Saida Temofonte, editor Kwanza Johnson and assistant Sarah Litt for bring this piece of work together.

If I were to pick a highlight from the first chapter, it was Superman smiling at the end because it reminded me of the movies where we always see Superman smiling back before the end credits roll. I thought it was great cap for the chapter.


  1. A very thorough concept, for sure (like the 'Buffy' comics). It seems to pay respect to where the TV show left off, so there's a sense of continuity for the fans and a new beginning for those new to the SV-verse :)


    1. True, I'm really glad they decided to keep with the continuity and having Miller manning it. :D I haven't read up the next installments, still a1 high. lolz.


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