Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A1: YoungLife Foundation Philippines Benefit Show

YoungLife Healthcare and Education Foundation is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-government organization legally registered and subscribing to universal humanitarian values and practices. It was founded in the City of Cebu, Philippines August 2007.

Created by a group of people who want to work with ethical humanitarian projects focusing on children, we are committed, we are committed to bring impartial quality medical care regardless of race or religion. We are dedicated to support related issues to elevate health care and education of underprivileged  children of the Philippines.  [Source: YoungLife Healthcare and Education Foundation homepage and Facebook]

A1 recently made another trip to Cebu last November 22, 2012 to help raise funds for the foundation through the benefit show they were slated to perform the next night.  The first visit was last February 2012, where the group was awarded as new Ambassadors of  YoungLife Village.

YoungLife: House of Dreams 
The House of Dreams seen from the highway. Next time, I'll have the car stop for a proper photo op. :D

Benefit Show
On my way back from Lapu-Lapu Shrine (pictures to come soon), we passed by International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) and BigFoot Studios.

Four years ago, I went to check out their course offerings :D 
I'm still saving up. Lolz.


  1. That's a very strong vision the YoungLife Foundation has, and I applaud their effort in setting up this meaningful event :) It was so humble of the A1 guys to do a show in support of this goal. So I take it you got to have a chat with each of them? :D That must've been epic!

    Lovely view of the Bigfoot Studios. Could be your future opportunity :D That and IAFT are located in the same area?

    1. In a previous web chat they had mentioned of how it was important for everyone to do their bit in helping the underprivileged people and it was quite touching to hear that from the guys. I'll tell you what happened to me in my e-mail :D I hope so my way will lead me there too. Yes, BigFoot studios is the next building to the one pictured above.


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