Thursday, December 27, 2012

Once Upon Time Fans: Caption This : My Take :D

Evil Regina

I had the chance to catch one of these "Caption This" pics lately (and I'll post the one from NatGeo   once I find my answer to it. I should saved it earlier. Oh, well.)

If you have been following the series, we are getting more and more into Regina's motivation why she was plotting havoc to people in Storybrooke while at the same time trying to atone for her misdeeds in between. Hmm, something might crack along the way.....

Once Upon A Time Fans Facebook page posted this pic above and you'll find some funny captions there too. I wanted to join in the fun so I wrote this:

Cue ominous/ heart-gut music
"I've sealed my fate to the choices I made then so be it, not one will have a happy ending." 


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