Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Monday: Toby Lightman's song HOLDING A HEART


A couple of Sunday's ago, I was able to watch "What's your Number?" starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans . I didn't expect this song for the second time around. I'm not sure if I did heard it from "Switched at Birth" too  since I remember early in the afternoon that day, I watched the re-air episode. Hmm, according to this video, the song was featured in "One Tree Hill." Cool

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  1. Yes, as someone who followed "One Tree Hill", that song was featured there. It was definitely a hit since it was the only other WB/CW show that lasted almost as long as "SV" (9 seasons) :D

    Glad it was also on "Switched at Birth" and "What's Your Number". <3

    1. Yes, now that you've mentioned it, OTH lasted as long as SV. :D Have you seen "What's Your Number?" It was quite hysterical in several scenes. :D

    2. It shows how massive the OTH fan base is - the show came out around the same time as The OC and many were predicting OTH's early cancellation because of all The OC hype, but OTH really got to live a long life :)

      I did see the movie. Kinda pose a double standard though, that men can get away with sleeping with many ladies without being called a 'whore' while women are judged for doing the same thing. Regardless, Anna Faris was an entertaining lead :D


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