Friday, November 9, 2012

[Movie Review] Neverland Part Two

My Thoughts on Part One

Directed and Written by Nick Willing
Rhys Ifans as James Hook
Anna Friel as Pirate Captain Elizabeth
Charles Dance as Dr. Fludd
Q'orianka Kilcher as Aaya
Charlie Rowe as Peter Pan
Bob Hoskins as Smee
Keira Knightley  as the voice of Tinker Bell

The exciting conclusion of this second installment, started with the tree spirits carrying off Peter to their colony. The tree spirits dipped him in their magical pool where Peter as he swam from one end to exit on another opening, the short passage showed us that the waters healed Peter's injuries. The tree spirits also bestowed him powers due his innocence which the three elders (ruling body of the tree spirits) recognized and tasked Peter to find the orb so they can send the Pirates, Hook, the lost boys and Peter back to where they belong because their kind was  becoming a threat to tree spirits existence.

My thoughts
I won't leave you with a very long post for this one. Just the highlights.

Elder Fairy 1: Four thousands years lost in one night!Peter: I'm sorry. They tricked me.
Elder Fairy 1: You wanted to give them what we gave you. Please the one called, Hook. Allowed his greed and ambition to corrupt your innocent heart - Peter: I made a mistake.
Elder Fairy 2: A mistake that has cost us dearly. For that you must pay.Elder Fairy 1: You shall walk for the rest of eternity without any memory of who you are, where you came or  those you loved.Elder Fairy 2: Your innocence - the innocence we trust and recognized will be the only guide - raw and heartless.Elder Fairy 1: Listen carefully, you will feel great loss, grief...Elder Fairy 2: Torture, distress, heartache...

The fairy elders angered by the destruction of their colony handed down a heavy penalty to Peter which I transcribed above. Please excuse if there were missing words, I didn't transcribe this using my headset. Anyway, it was one of the highlights of the second installment for me. It gave me goosebumps and to so see the effect of the curse (below) it made sense why in the books Peter came across as too unaffected to be bothered and just wanted to have fun flying in and out of the clouds. It made me wonder if some bits of the elder fairy curse have latched on to Peter's character much later on that he didn't expect at all.

Throughout the two installments, Willing incorporated the right amount of details surrounding Peter's father and Hook's apparent friendship with the man. He also showed how sly a tongue Hook was. I thought Ifans did a fine job still injecting a subtle expression that we knew Hook was yet again twisting facts to his liking.

This 'friendship' made me imagine that perhaps Hook and Peter's father were the best mates in the arms trade and as luck have it, Jenny (might have first fallen for Hook) had finally grown tired of the life Hook was leading that she started to stay away from him. She opted to concentrate in playing the theater shows as Hook related to Peter. Jenny perhaps saw even the difference between Hook and the other man. He could have been the reason why Jenny further distanced herself  from Hook. Of course, as Hook said " was a fair duel."

I thought those tiny revelations gave enough of an emotional kick to the stomach. Rowe's portrayal of Peter who was coming to grips of what happened to his mother (from the first installment) was sucker-punched when Hook admitted he was the one who killed his father.  In the end of it all, a good wrap up to the prequel well, almost. *smiles*

Tottle's did ask what happened to Peter's shadow?  I found a good fanfic exploring where Neverland part two left off and all things in between.


  1. Is this the mini-series version shown on Syfy? Just read through your post on Part 1. It seems to offer something unique and twisty in the Peter Pan universe :D

    The whole genre is reminiscent of your own Imogen script. x


    1. This was the one aired on Syfy but we don't have the channel and I was happy Star Movies aired it. :D I love the movie and how Willing treated the tale. In fact, his handle made me recall moments in SV too. Thanks. :D It reminds me of Imogen too.

  2. Interesting. I'd never really thought about Peter's father. I'll put this on my to-watch list.

    1. It was a good movie for the family and I hope you'll enjoy it as well :D


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