Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The time when....

Noah Ringer receives his 2nd Dan blackbelt certificate
It started out as a routine Facebook visit on what's going on with friends that were topping my home news page when I saw a pic of my college friend about her son taking belt testing. It was a cute shot that soon led me to several Internet searches about Poomse that soon landed me on finding an ATA vid link of Noah Ringer during the time, the The Last Airbender was being released in Blu-ray. I did find one and it was so cool seeing him demonstrate Tai chi movements that he had done in the movie. I was chuckling when he said how cool it was doing his first stunt strapped on the harness going through the motions of leaping onto the ship's deck. I don't own a DVD of the movie but the brief glimpse of the special features sure does look fun seeing Noah all smiles after getting hoisted up in the air after completing a scene.

The video was  enjoyable to watch and I recalled one of the presenters saying that he noticed after Noah's demonstration how awestruck the kids were. :D Heck, I was too. :D Good luck to Noah! Hope we see him again in the big screen. Cowboys and Aliens was a good one too.


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