Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If you had ten copies of yourself....

From Writing Prompts

Hmm, If I had ten copies of myself to use today, what would I have them do?

First, it'll be unnerving and just like a scene in Harry Potter where members of the OTP took form of Harry to fool any of the Death Eaters. What they'll do:

1) Visited the set of The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey shooting around New Zealand and based from Quint of Aintitcool news  , they're somewhere Mangaotaki Rocks!

Photo Credit 

2) Attended Westlife's O2 gig 

3) Gone to Heinz Winckler's  showcase with Charlize Berg

4) Visited Once Upon a Time set....

5) through 10) Visit my friends living in Toronto, drop in and stay for a week with friends living San Diego and LA and lastly, check out the film school I was curious about. :D


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