Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: The Christmas Angel by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

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About the book
The New York Times bestselling authors bring a holiday miracle to Cape Light. 

As the spirit of the season is spreading through the rustic seaside hamlet of Cape Light, town mayor Emily receives an unexpected and precious Christmas gift: a baby girl tucked away in a decorative cradle set up outside the church, with a note begging whoever discovers the child to take care of her. Emily is granted temporary custody-and realizes that if the mother is not found, she desperately wants to keep baby Jane as her own. Now, in the midst of the year's most joyous season, Emily must come to terms with her duty to her family, her own feelings of regret and loss-and what her heart truly desires.

My Thoughts
This was an enjoyable book for the Holidays and surprisingly, I got a little invested while reading it.  I was a bit shocked that Emily had taken her husband for granted and didn’t clue in Dan of her nearly impulsive (if monumental) decision of adopting baby Jane. I was sure their marriage was heading for the rocks yet Dan astonishingly, showed his own maturity by seeing her side (even if he was strong-armed into it). One theme seemed to center the book and its other characters which was taking chances. Emily hoped to take baby Jane in since she have given up her own child (Sara years ago) for adoption and while Emily and Sara have bonded later in years, Emily still felt the hole in her heart that refused to heal. Sara in the meantime was faced with a commitment from Luke. Her own insecurities stemmed from her adoption experience leaked in that, she questions herself if she can build a family with Luke and if Cape Light was indeed the town she can settle for the long haul.

The authors explored the characters insecurities and led them to realize through their characters' respective actions to reach an understanding. Another inspirational book from the two authors. I hope to complete the book series soon. 


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