Sunday, December 11, 2011

Book Nooks (1)

Book Nooks
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This is my first time to join this meme so here goes :D 

Commentary: The wooden counter tops and floorboards evened out the feel of detachment white paint can bring to a room but at the same time, it made the room bigger. You can feel your gaze going on an outward direction from one corner end to the next. The room didn't feel confined. The windows with the sun streaming in gave a breathy vibe and I can see myself looking out to a view after taking a break in my reading. 

Details:  By Archia Homes, Doxbury MA, USA
Original Description:  Family Room 
Show us something pretty!


  1. This seems like a reading heaven in white! I think I'd have a difficult time to get away from this room. Great pick!

  2. @Pepca It is and those chairs are cozy too. :D

  3. A little too white for me in real life, beautiful in the picture, though.

  4. @Carol A great excuse for me to add to ornamental flowers. :D Happy Holidays!


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