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[Album Review] Rediscovered by A1

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Yay! A copy  (and copies to friends) which I was able to buy when the group visited Cebu in line of their benefit show for YoungLife Foundation Philippines, last November 23, 2012.

Last November 8th, a1 held a web chat with fans through site where a fan wondered what was the story behind the title (Rediscovered) on their new album?
It's just about Rediscovering your youth and the things that got us into music in the first place 
Ben, Mark, & Christian

Links to get the album:
Amazon - coming soon on January 23, 2013  Get your copies. New stocks available. Not that I was watching it. hahah

The tracks:
Trust Me - the latest single taken from "Rediscovered" has this infectious '60s vibe were as the song rolled out, it looked like we're witnesses to another major meltdown and the guy was doing his best to explain his side of the story. The official video interestingly took a different route which was quite unexpected and a plus. The video presentation has a Fringe-type vibe going on that piqued my interest since it didn't go the cliché route (thank goodness). We've seen those versions for the Nth time of a girl throwing anything breakable to the wall just nearly missing the guy, right. :D

With my aunt
Christopher Columbus - The way the song opened with soft guitar riffs gave such a happy-go-lucky feel and I imagined the sun shining and I'm in a car with a window rolled down.  In fact, it reminded me of my visit to Road to Hana. I honestly don't remember if we were doing the "copy who" day pic since we both wore orange tees too. :D  What I remember was the roar of the surf beating below us and it was so windy! I had to clutch around that misshapen boulder and made sure when I sat I wasn't going to tumble off below. Haha. The view was b-r-e-a-t-h-t-a-k-i-n-g. I wish we could have stayed another hour or so just to take it all in but we had to leave to make it to the next tour attraction. :D

Riot - This song surprised me a lot. At first listen, it reminded me of "We are Young" by FUN yet the song breaks out from that familiarity and the melody powers through with its upbeat vibe which makes one dance. However as one reads the lyrics or listen closely to the words, it was about an impending all-hell-break-lose type of disagreement between a couple. The guy had done wrong only the girl barely gave hints to what made her furious and the guy knows the moment she does say her piece, it's going to be nuclear. It made me thought of a proverb in my country and it goes "Ang tao walang kibo, nasa loob ang kulo" (An individual who is outwardly calm has anger ranging inside). So yeah that's going to be a tricky situation to navigate through all right. Raise the white flag for several days and communicate... :D

That Somebody is Me - Another danceable track that I'm transported to Ibiza  (don't know why) and all those dance house music that I am hearing nowadays. The likes of  David Guetta comes to mind. No, I haven't been to Ibiza just what I see in Travel Channel features. The track was quite refreshing to listen and being a follower since 1999 well, it that was already a cause for me to be thrilled. It was so great of the group to experiment while at the same time inject their own brand of style then deliver their A-game on the plate.

Lovesick - I love the way the melody crescendos and the rhythm build up and just takes you for the ride. Another highlight was the rap section and the way the song  abruptly stopped short in the end was very different and interesting way to close the song. I want to know who rapped in here.  Mark?

Fallen from Grace - This track brings the listener down to a notch or three after having been given so much excitement from the previous songs. This song was taken from Mark Read's "Peace at Last" solo album and for me, both versions are great.  I love the strings swelling up in the background. A song about two people - verge of a break up and the guy is dealing with the repercussions of it.

Starlights - I love the strings opening this song. There's a sliver of beat-boxing going through the track which is so cool. I think this shows the group's exploration and stretching their music-making muscles. The lyrics even has a poetic feel too. I like the mixes that went into this track too. A song about two people separated by distance and carrying the hope they will again see each other again.

Blackout - This song has 007 written all over it. Thanks to the heavy beats, the track's arrangement, and the pseudo-like water dripping on pipe sound - all gave a dark, ominous atmosphere to the song which was about two people meeting up in secret, away from prying eyes.  Great cohesion.

Just 3 Words  feat. Annie Khalid - This was released as a single last May 8, 2012 and I was very happy it was included in the album. I always love collaborations between artists and this was just awesome. The song has the Middle East flair and European pop hotness mixed together. What are those three words? Listen to the song very carefully and it's perhaps one of the most important three words too.

Stones feat. My Favorite Enemy - This track punctuates a seriousness that it's subtle yet telling in its own way that hopefully we'll one day break down these walls that divide us and what it would take to do for that day we all lay down the differences. I'm glad this was included in the album since it gave the collection a deeper breadth and a glimpse what the group is capable music-wise.

Grateful - This song winds down the collection. I can hear this as a thank you, realizing that no matter how long was the journey,  all the wrongs and rights endured by the individual will eventually lead to something beautiful. This made me choke a bit. A moving song that tugs the heart strings.

Bottomline:  5 stars!

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