Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Merlin Contest: Gaming dialogue (short)

Before the Christmas hols came in full swing, I followed one of the links from Merlin Game to this site. They listed out the requirements of the dialogue and how short it was going to be. I sent in my dialogue  and I'm eagerly waiting for the announcement. :D It would be cool to be featured in the game, right. :D I'll take it. Hahaha


  1. Epic! Let me know how it goes :) Hope your dialogue gets picked.

    Just posted some news and "Carrie Diaries" stuff on my bloggie.


    1. So far, there's no e-mail about it. :D I did check out their twitter feed and it seemed the person in charge had just got around to forwarding the entries last Jan 3. I'll check now, if there are new developments.


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