Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday: Trust Me by A1


This coming November 2, the group will be releasing their latest album called "Rediscovered" in Norway and I hope the rest of the world won't be far behind. :D Their latest single "Trust Me"  has a infectious beat about trust. As I listened more to the song, it appeared like we were in the middle of the story of what's happening between these two individuals. :D "Trust Me" is written by Mark Read, Thomas Kongshavn, Frida Amundsen and Knut Anders Sorum. The video was directed by Marcus Olsen.

This is their official music video of the song released October 27, 2012. Go check it out!

A1 tweets

You can pre-listen to the tracks included in the "Rediscovered," here. For more updates from a1 follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Album Cover
Don't you just love the cover! Credit to Cecilie Harris.  Name all the toys you can find! :D

The 30-sec pre-listened was such a GREAT tease for us. I'm liking every track and "Star Lights" is a track that caught my attention. Heck, all of them. :) I can't wait to get a copy of the album. I'm hoping that they'll be releasing it here in the Philippines when they come over for the benefit show in Cebu in line with YoungLife Healthcare and Education Foundation Philippines.

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  1. Awesome group-love that beat!
    ~Naila Moon

  2. A new one for me. And I like it. Thanks for sharing. Happy MM!

  3. First time I heard this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. I'm happy you enjoyed it too. :D

  4. I like it and first time for me too ;-)

    Have a good Halloween and week :-)

    1. Same to you and I'm glad to have added song for you to check out.

  5. Super-epic. This actually is intriguing! LOL. The cover definitely has a Fall vibe to it.

    Enjoy Halloween!
    Looking forward to your comments on my blog :D


    1. Now that you pointed it out, fall vibe all right. :D Are you going to dress as this Halloween? Me, half of my costume is never ready. lolz. Finally, left comments to your blog. I'll visit it again. I really must. :D


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