Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: Kyler England- When The World Stops Spinning Lyrics

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This song was played during "Les Soeurs D'estrees" episode. I had to turn on Google Translate and it means "The Sisters Distress." I hope that was correct. I'm beginning to be a huge fan of Kyler England now. Visit her site and check out her songs in iTunes and Amazon.

This episode of Switched at Birth had me gripping the arm rests. I'm still rooting for Daphne at Emmett to be together but it was starting to be a moot point. Emmett loves Bay now and while Daphne missed the chance of seeing Emmett other than being a very good friend, well, that ship has clearly sailed. It was fun to see Daphne's daydream tho. I really thought that she and Emmett had gotten back to being more than friends but the dream sequence was only a dream. I didn't catch on the difference though between the real scene and dream. I was too involved on Daphne and Emmett to notice the feathery look of the background and how incredibly sunny when sunlight streamed from the window behind them. haha.


  1. Dear Raine, This is a first hearing this song. I enjoyed it very much.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Blessings dear. Catherine

    1. I'm happy that you like it, Catherine. Blessings to you too.


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