Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Monday: "Waiting for Daylight" by a1

Okay, this Monday feature was over at my other blog which I'm thinking of migrating other things here since I don't know what possessed me to create another blog when I could have  used Wayfarer's Way when I re-started with the blogging wave. I initially thought I can separate my other interests but it seems that I can't. They spill over there too. Passages is my second blog while the Wayfarer's Way, was my original one.

Anyway, cut history blog trivia...One of my favorite bands came to the country last month after taking a loo-ng hiatus to venture on individual projects that led them to grow further in music. '"Waiting for Daylight" was the title track off their new album.

Philippine Tour Edition Cd
Review will be coming up as soon as I untangle myself from the binds of their latest tunes. :D

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Check their official site where you can hear snippets of the new tracks. I tell you, you'll want to visit the site every day just to listen to the tracks. :D I was, some three years ago. haha
Buy the cd Amazon UK (contact friends or relatives residing over there and are planning to go home your way to save on costs. It'll be good a gift!)
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  1. Nice. Lovely ballad.

    Thanks for sharing, Happy MM!

    Namz recent post For The Love Of God

  2. I haven't heard from this band for a long time. Even Ben appeared on an edition of Celebrity BB - Great choice & Thanks for sharing. Happy MM

    1. I couldn't find your MM anyway I hope this song will have reconnected you with the group again. :D ~Raine~

  3. I haven't heard anything about these for ages either, it's amazing how you forget so quickly once out the spotlight.

    Have a great week ;-)

    1. It's good to have spread the word! Hope you check out their latest album. :D

  4. I had thought of starting another blog at one point and decided that it wouldn't work for me. Dividing my interest may appeal to more readers who are looking for a specific genre, but it would detract from my natural flow of discussing what I love.
    Thanks for sharing the video. I was getting all emotional watching it. Isn't it great when videos do the job of mini movies?
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Steph. :D I felt like I was making things harder for myself. I also like music videos give a feel of a mini movie. It some how enriches the song further. :D

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm enjoying your meme so much that I wish I can make it as regular as possible. It's a treat to check out others too.

  6. Oh yeah Music Monday! A friend recently shared with me that video as well. Great visuals and music!

    1. Which is a cool meme to start the week, don't ya think? The first time I saw this video a couple years back, I was floored with the different direction a1 took with the concept and everything. A great mini-video.


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