Friday, March 9, 2012

Follow Friday (20)

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Q: Have you ever looked at the book's cover and thought, This is going to be horrible? But, was instead pleasantly surprised? Show us the cover and tell us about the book.

When I bought this one, I thought this will be more in the vain of trade talks and from reading books in the past using that as springboard, it was always a 50-50 chance for me to enjoy a story. Fortunately, this one even with several round table scenes between warring factions, it was treated very well. I didn't feel I was dragging a 100-pound potato bag with me. :D  

Do check out "Masters of the Veil" giveaway  and read about Mr. Daniel Cohen's guest post too here. 


  1. LOL I can't even look at this cover without wanting to laugh. Those are some pretty... intense... poses going on. I'm glad you liked the book! Great pick :)

    (New follower!)

  2. Hmm, your right :D Hopping to ur page. :D Thanks for dropping by.


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