Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Commentary: The dark tones of several furniture here and the same color used for the frames in the room  captured my gaze. I think using contrasts highlighted the room and gave some borders whereas if everything was the same color as the couch, I think it would make the room bland and unending. Holding your gaze for this room, makes you want to take in the center piece which was the couch set and the coffee table. The dark frames also gave that feeling for distance from the outside  or gave some depth to the outside viewing. I may want to put border plants instead the long stalks of plants so as not to make it look too busy. 
Original detail: Eclectic living room conservatory
A white leather suite and coffee table are  a perfect foil to a dark timber-framed windows and walnut-look laminate flooring from Allied Carpets in this light-filled conservatory. Deep red soft furnishings add a splash of color. 
Photographer and Location: None Given


  1. I agree, the contrasting colours make a great effect. It's a beautiful, relaxing place. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A room like that would be SO wonderful! No kids allowed though...until they can be responsibly trusted to be on white furniture...which will be never! LOL.

    You all beat me with your posts this week. Sorry about that. I've been busy. Here's mine:

  3. BTW, your Goodreads button doesn't link to you :(


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