Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#SleepyHollow Re-watch: Episode Three: "For The Triumph of Evil"

Watch out next season!

Well, before season two of Sleepy Hollow races back our television screens, I've been taking advantage of the re-air skeds on Fox Philippines


I found something interesting and only re-visiting "For the Triumph  of Evil"  made it worthwhile. The teaser sequence, we saw Crane running for dear life only to be grappled by the vines and dragged underground and lo, a tunnel with so many roots and yes, there was another episode dealing with a tree monster in further on the show. 

Do you also think this was a foreshadow to the "Bad Bad" ep? Crane was also dragged by the vines only to be deposited inside Jeremy's old coffin. *gasped* If so, I liked how the writers connected everything. :)

Sorry about the chaotic view of this clip, I couldn't hold my giggle.  A little tidbit, last March 13, SleepyHollowFox tweeted thisMr. John Noble before mentioned briefly about the production coming back this March during a fan interview last January with Sleepy Hollow Addicts.  Wow, time flies, well, for some not fast enough. haha. No, not too fast please. I want to enjoy the present. haha 


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