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#SleepyHollow: How do you think they'll find Crane and Abbie?

It looks like Abbie and Crane need a divine intervention

So several weeks ago Sleepy Hollow Addicts and several #Sleepyheads got together for a spreecast which you can listen here.

I went online towards the second half the chat and always when faced with a different chat platform, I was feeling my way most of the time. There were a couple of hiccups but I managed to stay until the end then it was back to work for me.

Anyway, here were some of my thoughts regarding that question posted.

Detective Morales went missing after the cabin incident. Could he have a momentary control of his being from Moloch's power and was now trampling around the forest in a disoriented state then without knowing how, finally reached the highway to gape at the road accident and Jenny.

He could have approached the overturned jeep and radioed for help after seeing Jenny Mills unconscious inside.


Morales could have stumbled  upon Crane's spot where Ichabod was buried. Did he find something peculiar on the ground? Disturbed fresh soil, a ripped piece of cloth? This theory seems destined to be thrown out of the window...


If perhaps Katrina regained consciousness from being in the arms of Headless to race back to where her husband was buried before he dies from oxygen deprivation!

This was one of the many Katrina theories I had jotted down after seeing the finale and the one I sent out to Spreecast.

Super Fan Judy (as mentioned in the Spreecast :)) gave theories about Katrina's duplicitous personality to which I also agree. There were a lot of things that could have influenced Katrina's motives from helping her husband to getting her real goals. Below were some more of thoughts on Katrina...

My other theory of Katrina 

I was picking up hints Katrina wasn't acting as someone still in love with Crane. *shrugs* It's her eyes. Every time she was with Crane, there was that cool gaze of hers which nettled me. Sure, she was being tough and being head witch of her coven (ep "Bad Moon"), she was someone to reckon with all right. Yet, by the time we reached episode "John Doe," Crane had repeatedly asked her why he couldn't be with her. What was the meaning of her hesitation? It appeared she was thinking of an excuse. *evil drum roll*

I also think Crane picked it up too but his spirit was pulled back to his body and it was a forgotten moment.

So we all were thinking Katrina could have her own ulterior motives this coming season 2. She could also be prolonging her subterfuge to what we don't know. Why wasn't she so torn up seeing Jeremy becoming Horseman of War?  I was half-expecting she would struggle again even after Henry admonished her not to earlier. Perhaps I'm getting too dramatic and the director visualized the telling as what we've seen in the finale "Bad Blood." :)

Well, I'll stop here for a while and leave you this funny image below. Looks like Legolas got dethroned.

From headoverfeels.com


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