Sunday, March 2, 2014

Noah the Musical Adventure 2014 - Brand New Musical with songs by Mark R...


If you've enjoyed songs such those found in Disney's Prince of Egypt then you'll be swept up with the melodies written by Doug Horley and Mark Read from A1. Listen to a sample of songs from the musical. I love "Intro to the Musical and well, all that was posted. I can't get enough of the "The Elephants are Coming." :D 

Check out the tour flyer. You can start booking your tickets too, just scroll down for the nearest venue to select your fave seats and you're halfway through. Spread the word. Catching a musical like this reminds me of Kids Praise. :D

Lastly, you can make a donation of any price or select a pledge that you like found on the page too. I also hope they get to accomplish their goal too and take the musical overseas. :D


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