Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phoenix Rising TV (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future) Live-Tweet Part 3

Part Three

Music on Phoenix Rising

Mr. Gary Guttman also tweeted whether we wanted to hear orchestra or electronic? I was too late to show my 'hand' since my Twitter page kept freezing but reading it now, it was mix between orchestra and electronic. I think both can be a good move.

Looks like the first arc will run the whole of Season 1

Mr. Tim Dunigan's thoughts from the show....

Biodred Units.... key organic component? Reminds me of the Borg. :D *cue creepy music*

Bio Dread suits and Hero Power suits.

Sauron's voice might go through more than a reverb in Phoenix Rising. :D

 I asked a possible tweet pic for even an early conceptual art for....

And then more pleading from others.....

CGI studio question. I also suggested Weta Workshop too so I hope they'll tap them for CGI work. :D

Exterior shots....Landscapes 

Stringray tease....

Meet the creative team this October 18...

And the live-tweet ended this with this sneak peak of some suit.... Power suit. For some reason I couldn't find the tweets that mentioned the appearance and possibly the visual effect of the suits.  


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