Thursday, September 6, 2012

More on Arrow TV show

The Cast of Arrow 
I read an interview by Arrow's executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg where  he mentioned several of the show's questions that the series will lead up to an answer and the feel of the whole show.

I expected it to be very much different from Smallville. I even had a feeling  with Oliver Queen (SV), where we were given hints that he has a lot more gray areas than the Man of Steel. I can no longer pinpoint those exact episodes where Clark and Oliver expressed their differing opinions in handling the bad guys but whenever those scenes came up, as a viewer it showed us how different they are.

I guess with this show it will be explored and then we'll  find out who is the real Oliver Queen.

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  1. I'm enjoying the more realistic presentation of the show. We get hard-boiled criminals instead of mega-villains and Oliver's Robin Hood-esque way of confronting them with bows and arrows. Everything is stripped down with no all-out special effects or superpowers, which makes it original :D

    Also, we get some courtroom drama and noir/mystery angles. There's a sense of realism that gives the show that believability factor. Definitely Revenge meets Batman, as those in the "Arrow" boards say it. LOL.


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