Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Arrow - Extended Trailer (The CW's Green Arrow TV Show)


I was very delighted when JackTV will be airing "Arrow" soon too! I hope I didn't jinx or preempted it by posting. Haha

A huge fan of Smallville, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow as portrayed by Justin Hartley) made his appearance in Season 6 episode 2  and since then fans of the show have been voicing a Green Arrow spin-off and it paid off. Now, CW brings ARROW to the small screen. This time around Oliver Queen will be portrayed by Stephen Amell.  Since I don't follow 90210 or Private Practice, it will be new slate for me to see his interpretation of the character. Will I end up comparing him to Smallville's Oliver Queen? I think I won't do that because it wouldn't be fair. So I'm looking forward to this show getting their TV legs stable and crossing fingers they'll have the same 11-year strong as Smallville. Okay, maybe let's dial it down and try to get past the first 20 or so episodes for a season. :D


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