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Supernatural Six :Episode Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

If you've watched the previous rom-com movies (Mannequin, Mannequin 2: On the Move), you can bet Supernatural's version will not be tracking in the same vein. It started as your typical ghost possession case of inanimate objects, the mannequins.


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What stomped the brothers was that this was the first time a ghost crossed three towns to get her revenge on the people who made fun of her.

The subplot may not have a connection to the main story but it was part of Dean's life. The abrupt change  of Lisa's attitude to cope with Dean's absence puzzled me since she said to him (in a previous epi) that if you think you can and it's safe for you to return, the door is always open.  This gave Dean some hope and then  in this episode when he and Lisa were talking, she went by saying of continuing to worry and dreading that phone call were the message would be Dean had died was enough to make her go nuts and decided it would be best to move on. I thought it was a little jarring. The sudden break was confusing but maybe it could have been Dean's fault since Lisa mentioned that she had been calling him but he was seen to always reject the call.  Any one of those calls could have been Lisa trying to let Dean know that they needed to talk.

I still sort of wish  Lisa had something along this lines, "Ben and I have talked about it. I've thought long and hard, thinking about this 'open policy'  that I thought would work but I'm not being truthful to myself. I'm seriously not good with it."

I think during the year Dean spent with them, he was like Mr. Fort Knox and never shared to Lisa and Ben, the Hunter part of his life. If Ben did ask about it, Dean could have casually deflected it by saying something like, "When you're 30, I'll tell you but not today, kiddo."

What about Lisa? I also think that he didn't tell her any horror stories and it looked like there was an unspoken rule passing between them that Lisa wasn't going to ask about it because she doesn't want her life go very complicated. I think this could be her defense mechanism. Turning a blind eye kept the fear at bay and what Dean stood for.

I wonder if Ben managed to to read one of Bobby's books when he and her mom were temporarily sent over to Bobby's place for protection? I think this was in episode two, Two and a half Men.  Do you think in the years to come, Ben will one way delve into the Hunters' world?

Clearly, I've trailed. Opps. Back to the episode. The splitting of jobs presented in the episode was a good break. It's not often we see the brothers dealing things on their own. The transition between the brothers didn't feel topsy-turvy at all. I wasn't able to get who was the film editor for this episode but hat's off.  Sam  phone-tagging Dean also helped the audience for the transition.

I found it hilarious when Dean's recorded message was. "You've reached Dean's other, other number phone number..." I could almost see Sam suppressing the urge to roll his eyes on that.

Dr. Robert episode 11
About the ghost, Sam traced the back story and we found out that the last body part belonging to Rose was a kidney she gave to her sister, Isabel. What a twist? I liked the writers gave us this. The brothers were stunned by this revelation (once Dean returned). So what can a hunter do? Do you kill the sister to end the ghost's rampaging revenge spree? Even on a trying situation, Dean found to inject incredulity. He mentioned that they get Dr. Robert who might have a black market kidney on hand so they could swap it in for Rose's kidney to neutralize the ghost. That delivery would have easily been lost, if it was cut to short. I'm glad we managed to get that.

Would their plan work? Maybe but then Rose's ghost possessed Dean's car and according to Sam, the ghost possess sex toys so the Impala was Dean's.  How was Isabel, the center of the killings? Was it because of the kidney? If Rose's ghost wanted that kidney in the first place then Isabel would have been dealt with earlier.

So the Impala went berserk and crashed against the window display of a shop, a flying shard impaled Isabel, which made her see Rose who said, "This wasn't supposed to be."

She didn't mean to kill her? Oh, dear....

The episode almost gave us almost a moral conundrum for the brothers to face. Had there be no ready kidney available, would Isabel live long enough at all?


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