Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Vampire Diaries: Jenna

The episode: The Last Day,  I think everyone was reeling after watching the final scene.

Jenna barely  managed to wrap her head around the idea that vampires and werewolves do exist that she froze at the Salvatore's/ now Elena's safe house, when Damon and Stefan vamped-out for more than a brotherly brawl. Stefan got the end of a very large stick while Damon stormed out of the room. Yet, we saw her coping. Yay!

I was a little disappointed when they kept her  in the dark too long. I wasn't liking what Stefan said from Klaus episode that he'll explain everything (yet again) but he wasn't able to since Klaus took over Alaric's body so one thing led to another and then Elena said the same thing to Jenna. It was verging on  redundancy. I don't know if it was for mounting the suspense but I wish care was given more for building the reveal for Jenna.

So towards the end of the "The Last Day," we found out that Klaus was armed with at least three backup plans. What do you think of his turning Jenna into a vampire? I didn't feel the gravity of the situation or the direness of everyone's plight. Maybe the cliffhanger needed a suspenseful music to give atmosphere to the scene.   We'll all see next episode .

Where's Elijah? Was he going to get Bonnie?


  1. Oh God, I was UPSET with what they finally did to Jenna in this week's episode.

    Really? Killing her was just wrong. Poor Alaric, poor Jenna :( She has been one of my most favorite characters on the show.

    I love the Tyler-Caroline make-up after Matt dumped her. I just knew he couldn't handle this supernatural thing well. But well, Tyler's always there ;) The Bonnie-Jeremy build-up was also nice to see.

    So glad to see Stefan determined to find a cure to heal Damon.

  2. I left a comment about my thoughts on your FB wall and it was just disappointing that it turned that way. *sigh*


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