Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Go

Remember when we smiled, 
It doesn't have to be sadness
You see or pain you feel

It's the moments we made,
All the peaks and the valleys
All we've shared

Never look back for regrets
Don't waste searching
Just continue living.

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  1. i like the wisdom of this...esp in these trying times...we can get caught up in the negative and lose sight of tomorrow...

  2. just continue living... beautiful!!!

  3. All about living in the moment and keeping up with the positivity... Lovely!!

  4. Great advice captured poetically.

  5. no such thing as wasted time...regrets serve no purpose. very insightful write. Vb

  6. @Brian Miller Thank you, It was something I've observed from day-to-day.

    @LauraX I also feel the same way. We live to exist or we exist to live - my former professor would always ask the class.

    @Jules Yeah since dwelling too much on the negative saps more and we end up like a big question mark.

    @gautami tripathy True. No more regrets.

    @dustus Thank you.

    @versebender And you said it, "No such thing as wasted time." Summing up this little creation out.


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