Monday, March 28, 2011

Finding my book list...

Going back to The Broke and Bookish  I've stumbled upon their Dark Mirror's Review.  It piqued my curiosity reading halfway through the summary. The review was good too. I wish I could join the giveaway but as it is, I'm halfway across the globe. So I'll check if my fave book shop carries this title. Too bad I couldn't add this to my friend who's already buying two books for me.  :)

If the book cover doesn't grab at least a smidgen of your attention then maybe it's time to take off those jaded color shades for the moment and view the book in fresh eyes. 

I wonder how Tory came upon her magical uniqueness.  Visit  MJPutney's site  for other YA books.  

Another book "The Wizard Hunters" that has been sitting in my list is from author Martha Wells.  Ever since I've read Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement and Reliquary, I wanted to read more of her works and I'm also crossing my fingers the book shop carries this book. :) This will be another dip into the fantasy world. The first introduction was The Hobbit all the way through Return of the King. :D 


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