Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruby Red Tuesday

I'm back well, almost. It seems I finally heard the beckons of my blog after going on hiatus. I found myself refreshing my memory what was the last entry here and not to mention the long list of draft posts that await completion too. *grinz*

I thought of visiting one my fave memes and here's my entry for it too.

Last month, yeah, the date in the camera was all wrong. Hahaha  I went to Cebu City to visit my relatives and during my tour of the city, my parents and I went to the Cebu Hilltops where we could get a view of the city.

I've forgotten most of my meager Photoshop tricks so this was my attempt to stitch two photos. It was very windy and before like 10+ years ago, I've seen the city at night from the hilltops. Quite a sight with so many lights dotting the cityscape. We went to the hilltops when the sun wasn't blazing anymore unfortunately, clouds have strolled along too.

And this flower I saw near the cliff side which is my Ruby Tuesday entry for today.

I wasn't able to ask the grounds staff what flower this was since I was prepping for a zipline adventure so I was busy getting strapped in and reading the safety rules. :D  


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    1. Thanks! Leaping to your links :D

  2. Great view from up high! And the flower is so very pretty! Love the fall of the petals!

    1. It was all right. I hope to come back again too. :D The flower is pretty :D

  3. Great share for RED Tuesday:)

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..



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